Evac Complete Cleantech Solution for cruise vessels March 22, 2019

Extended Evac Complete Cleantech Solution for various vessel types

Evac, the world’s leading provider of integrated waste, wastewater, and water management systems for the marine, offshore, and building industries, acquired Cathelco, a leading global manufacturer of equipment for ships and offshore installations, in May 2018. The acquisition gave Evac the opportunity to further expand its cleantech solution portfolio to its customers with the addition of new systems, while also opening up new business opportunities in terms of ballast water treatment systems.

The acquisition extended Evac’s offering in three main areas: pipework anti-fouling systems, which prevent the build-up of bio-fouling in pipework and also suppress corrosion; hull corrosion protection systems, which prevent hull corrosion and therefore reduce vessel fuel consumption; and ballast water treatment systems, which remove organisms and pathogens from ballast water using UV and filtration technologies.

“Cathelco’s products provide a natural extension to our complete cleantech solutions, because they reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of hulls and other shipboard equipment”, says Tomi Gardemeister, CEO and President, Evac Group. “Looking to the future, the Evac Evolution ballast water treatment system developed by Cathelco, has enormous sales potential as ship owners worldwide comply with legislation to prevent the transfer of invasive species,” he continues.

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